Welcome to my Miniature Bottle Collection

Bottles are shown under Bottle Picture Gallery.
All miniatures are presented both by Alphabet, Category and Country headings.
Some are also shown in one or more of the other sections.

By clicking on a bottle picture, a new picture with an enlarged label will open.
To exit the label picture just click on the Close button, click outside the picture or use the Esc button on your keyboard.
Once a picture is enlarged you may continue to look just at labels without closing and opening pictures.
Click on the right side of the label picture to go forward and on the left side to go back.

Some of the bottles are shown in many variations, for example, the Absolut Vodka Citron is shown with eight bottles.
They all look almost the same and to the ordinary viewer itís not too exiting, but to the collecting ďfreakĒ it might be interesting to see all the small variations of each bottle.
Bottle variations may be different in texting, alcohol strength, label design or bottle shape.

You will find bottles for swap or for sale in my duplicate list.
However, if you find some miniatures from my collection that you like, don’t hesitate to ask. There is always a chance you might get lucky, especially if you have a Swedish bottle for trade.


Enjoy your stay here.

PS. If you find something in this website that isnít operating as it should, buttons that donít work, spelling errors or other flaws, please let me know so I can correct.